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Products List

Readily available in storeaverage unit weight / pack description
Category CodeProduct
Chicken Whole 0001 British Barn-raised  800g-2600g
0002 British Free Range  800g-2600g
0003 French Free Range  800g-2600g
0004 French Corn-fed  800g-2600g
0005 French Smoked  800g-2600g
0006 French Organic*  POA
0007 French Organic and Free Range* POA 
Portioned 0008 British Fillet 170-230g fillets in trays of 5kg
0009 Dutch Filet 170-230g fillets in trays of 5kg
0010  British Legs 10-15kg Boxes
0011  British Drumsticks 10-15kg Boxes
0012  British Thighs 10-15kg Boxes 
0013  British Wings 10-15kg Boxes 
0014  Dutch Thigh Meat 5kg Trays 
0015  Livers 2.27kg Tubs 
Pork Cured  0016 Rindless Back Bacon 2.27kg pack
 0017 Rindless Supertrim Back Bacon 2.27kg pack
 0018 Rindless Smoked Supertrim Back Bacon 2.27kg pack 
0019  Streaky Bacon 2.27kg pack 
0020  Sliced Gammon 1.36kg pack 
0021  Gammon Smoked 10kg 
0022  Gammon Horseshoe 6kg 
0023  Honey Roast Ham 3-5kg or 6+kg 
Other  0024 Pork Loin 3-5kg
 0025 Sausages (various flavours) 1.36kg
0026  Cooked deli Meats (salami, prosciutto crudo)*  Various - Sliced and whole
Beef Prime Portions  0027 Striploin 3-5kg
 0028 Topside  8-10kg
 0029 Ribeye 2-3kg
 0030 Fillet 2-3kg
Other  0031 100% Aberdeen Angus Beef Burgers 1.65kg. 15x4oz burger
0032  Sausages 1.36kg
Lamb  0033 Lamb and Mint Burgers* 1.65kg. 15x4oz burgers
Cheese  0034 Cheddar (mild)  3-5kg
 0035 Cheddar (mature) 3-5kg 
 0036 Stilton 5kg Box 
 0037 Brie 1kg
 0038 Gran Padano Various 
 0039 Gran Padano (grated) Various 
 0040 Goat’s cheese log Various  
Provisions  0041 Free Range Eggs  x180 eggs/box or 30 eggs/tray
 0042 Extra Virgin Olive Oil  Various
 0043 Jules and Sharpie Jellies* 300g jars 
Frozen  0044 Australian Leg Of Lamb*  Various
 0045 King Prawns  
Seafood  0046 Tuna Chunks in Brine  
 0047 Smoked Salmon  400g

* Please note that products marked with an asterisk are not always available in store and must be ordered in advance.