The Market Shop

If you're shopping for a dinner party, stocking up your freezer, or just here for the atmosphere - you're in the right place! Norman and Mickey, AKA "The Bacon Boys" will be there to welcome you and help you find what you're after.

We might just be London’s best kept secret

London’s top chefs have been coming to us at Smithfield Market for years to source high quality great tasting fresh meat. Now so can you, both here at our market shop or you can buy meat online and have it delivered to your door.


Opening Times

Monday - Friday 2am - 7am

It's best to visit is around 4am to ensure that you make it there before stock runs out. The market starts to wind down around 6am, and all the best offers will most likely to be gone by then.

Why make the early morning visit?

 Other than the remarkable experience of visiting Smithfield by night, there are a few things other than oggling at the fresh meats that you can enjoy by shopping with us. 


We’ve carefully sourced our wide range of meats and provisions from reputable producers in Britain and further afield.

High Quality Fresh Meat

To eat the freshest meats, join the chefs, butchers and savvy “foodies” and get your favourite cuts as they land at Smithfield.


We’re able to offer you such great value through the great partnerships we’ve built with our suppliers.


With decades of trading on the market, we have a wealth of knowledge that we’re keen to share!


What we sell

 We are poultry specialists so we sell a variety of chicken in all sorts of different cuts, as well as beef, pork, smoked salmon, deli meats and cheeses.

To see our full range, please click here.

Not been to smithfield yet?

We know it’s odd doing your food shop in the middle of the night, so check out our top tips on how to shop at Smithfield to get the most out of your experience at London’s last surviving wholesale market.


How to find us

We’re at the Lindsey Street end of the East market building in Smithfield Central Markets. If you're in the middle of the central Grand Avenue, go through Gate 8 and walk to the end of Buyer’s Walk and you’ll find us on the left.
Our address is 1-7 Central Markets, EC1A 9PQ. Market shop opening hours: 2am-7am. 

A bit about this historic market


Smithfield Market

…is Britain’s oldest and largest wholesale meat market

…was originally a livestock market in the 12th century where animals were carted in by the truck load

…was once the site of jousting tournaments, The Peasants’ Revolt and infamous executions

…has survived The Blitz and The Great Fire

…was redesigned in 1868 by Sir Horace Jones, architect of London’s Tower Bridge

…is ALL THE ABOVE! So come on down and enjoy this iconic institution of London, release your inner chef and bag yourself some top quality meats.