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Posted on 12/01/2016 11:32, by Emma Newman-Young

Here at Thompsons of Smithfield lots of our customers come and buy bulk quantities of meat for the month. Some even pick up goodies for their friends and families as you can get great deals on cases of meat. Therefore the market pretty much operates on a kilo basis, so it helps to know your kilos and how many people you need to feed.


To put it in perspective...

  • We reckon people eat around 250g of meat on average. Closer to 400g if you’re at a BBQ.
  • If meat is the main dish (if you’re doing steaks or chops), then allow 200-250g per person
  • If your side dishes are quite substantial, then allow 150-230g per person.
  • If you’re putting meat into a pasta ragu or a curry, then allow 110-175g per person.

Some examples to help you estimate:

  • Supermarket chicken fillets are around 160g each.
  • A pack of diced fillets is between 300g and 400g, and if used in a stir fry could feed 3 people comfortably.

If you’re unsure feel free to ask our advice about portions and we’ll happily make suggestions.

And finally, don’t be put off by thinking you only have to buy huge bulk quantities of meat at Smithfield; you can buy as little, or as much as you like. You can simply buy a pack of sausages or take a whole case of chicken home with you (you’ll often get 12 whole birds in a case).

This is a great opportunity however, for stocking up the freezer, so remember to bring a big bag/granny trolley/suitcase with you. Freezing foods is a perfectly good way of preserving them, and here are the Bacon Boys' top tips for freezing and thawing meats. 

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