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Meat Boxes

  • Can I freeze the meat once it has arrived?

    Yes you can and we hope that you do!
    We’ve packed a lot of food into your meat box so that you can eat it at your leisure instead of going to the supermarket every other day. 

    We advise using freezer bags so you can separate your meats and freeze some portions down if you don't think you'll eat them before their use-by date. 

    As a guide: 

    Chicken stays fresh in the freezer for up to 9 months, beef portions stay fresh for up to a year, lamb and pork portions stay fresh for up to 6 months, burgers for 3-4 months. 

  • How is it possible to provide such quality meat at these prices?

    Aside from our market shop, a big part of our business is poultry wholesale and distribution to the British food service sector, and we've been doing this for decades. As a result, we've built great relationships with our long-term suppliers and producers. They're able to provide us with great products at wholesale prices and we have the ability to pass on that saving directly to our customers. We reckon everyone should have the opportunity to eat great quality meats and we're glad we can offer such great value for money. 

  • Is my meat sent to me fresh or frozen?

    We send all our meat out fresh (unless otherwise specified). A lot of it is cut especially for your meat box on the night that you place your order. Products that we don't chop at the market itself are things like our chicken which comes from Gloucestershire and from Norfolk and arrives freshly every night. Most of our products are packed in vacuum-sealed packaging to prolong freshness. Have a look at our delivery and packaging information to learn more. 

  • What’s different about your Meat Boxes?

    The reasons why our Meat Boxes are special are threefold.The meat quality itself, the team who have put it together and the value!

    Smithfield Market is the original home of meat in Britain, so ordering from us means you're receiving delicious, fresh and fully traceable produce that has been hand-picked by our expert team. 

    Our market shop team has decades of experience in the meat market and they use their knowledge and connections to source the best quality meats daily. We have great relationships with farmers and suppliers through our wholesale background, and we're proud to be able to share the benefits of great quality food at affordable prices to all of our customers.