Shopping Guide

Having grown up on the market, Norman and Mickey
share their top tips for visiting Smithfield and let us in
to their school of thought.

The Bacon Boys’ Market Shopping Guide

Our Philosophy 

Everyone is welcome at our shop.

The market runs on a “work hard play hard” policy. There’s a lot of hustle and bustle but our traders are very friendly and welcoming.


Bacon Boys



Get here early to score the best deals

The market is open from 2am-7am, however the best stock gets snapped up fast! Peak time to visit is around 4am. Parking is available at the Rotunda car park and market customers get a special rate.

Don't wear your Sunday best!

The market operates in compliance with the highest European hygiene regulations, but as a working market where fresh meats are cut, packaged and transported onsite, it can get a little messy, so don't wear your finest attire.

It helps if you know your kilos

Not essential as our market boys are always happy to lend a helping hand, but click here to find a handy guide.

How much £?

You won't find prices on all the products because they go up and down weekly. Please just ask us, and we'll give you the best price of the day.


Payment Options

We take cash, card and now we accept Barclays Ping It! Payments. All you need to do is use the app to scan our QR code and make a payment.


Stock up!

Lots of our customers come and buy their meats for the month when they visit us at the meat market , so make sure you bring lots of strong bags - our customers often bring granny trolleys or large cool boxes with them.

Some even pick up goodies for their friends and families with better prices on cases of products.
If you're not sure what to do with it all, freeze it down for another day. Freezing foods is a perfectly good way of preserving them.
In fact - it's the most natural way too!

Have a look at The Bacon Boys' top tips for freezing and thawing meats



Not sure what feather steak is or whether a turkey butterfly is poultry or an insect? Meat terminology can be a mystery but our friendly guys will help you through. Here are a few of our most common queries. 

Chicken Supreme

The breast fillet with the prime wing bone attached, often with skin attached too. Really great for stuffing or for breading and pan-frying.

Which part is the Pork Loin from?

This long cut is from the area between the shoulder and the top of the leg. Either bone-in or de-boned, it has a layer of fat for crispy crackling. Easily rolled to roast, or sliced into chops, it’s a versatile and tasty cut. Don’t confuse with tenderloin, (aka fillet), which is the leaner and more tender portion that lies beneath it.

Oyster cut thighs

Oyster cut means the thighs have been trimmed down so just the knuckle bone remains. The oysters themselves are those tasty tender round morsels next to the thigh. The French call them the sot-l'y-laisse which means "the fool leaves it there", as some say this is the hidden gem of the chicken! 

Horseshoe gammon

This is the finest cut from the middle of the gammon joint, which is a cured leg of pork. It can be smoked or unsmoked. Gammon is generally sold raw and needs to be cooked whereas ham is already cooked.