Christmas Hamper Testimonials

Kind Words From A Few Of Our Happy Customers 

Lotte, London 
It was fab!
The turkey was perfect and the pigs in blankets were delight. Sausage meat contributed to some of the best stuffing I’ve ever made so was very chuffed! 
In terms of value I think it was excellent value and would definitely circulate to my friends in future.
The turkey was a great size cause it gave us leftovers the next day and, for four of us, we didn’t have too many or too little leftover afterwards.
The hamper was great because my brother has a small fridge but was able to keep some stuff stored outside with it all zipped up.

Moira, Dartford 
Your service was fantastic as was the food. My 80 year old Father in law says it was the best Christmas dinner that he has had, the turkey tasted amazing!
I will definitely be ordering my Christmas hamper from you again next year, my eldest daughter will be moving into her own house in the next few weeks and she will more than likely be order one for herself and I shall most definitely recommend you to my friends and family.
I'm really not sure that you can improve everything just seemed to be perfect, thank you very much for making our Christmas dinner fantastic.

Russ, Reading
I've been singing your praises to friends and family over xmas as service like yours is a rarity nowadays.
The hamper went down a treat on xmas day by the way, fantastic quality.


Amanda, London 
Happy New Year to you too. We had a great Christmas and the Christmas hamper went down a treat, it was our first year hosting Christmas (as well as our first married Christmas) and it was a huge help having it all delivered, I really can't fault it, everyone really enjoyed the food and the portion sizes were perfect as it provided us with plenty of leftovers over the Christmas period too.
We would definitely consider buying a hamper again next time we host Christmas.
Many thanks to you and the team.

Carolyn, Surrey
Thanks – yes delicious. We had everything last night and all our guests asked for details of where we had got our Turkey from with all the trimmings as they loved everything and would like to order from you next year.

Hania MacLagan, London
The hamper was excellent thanks. The goose was delicious and just the right size. I was also pleased with the smoked salmon which fed 6 of us amply as a starter. The stuffing, pigs in blankets, bacon and cranberry relish were all delicious and great quality. All in all I felt that it was a good price for a great product and we'll probably do it again next year!


Adi, London
It was all great, thanks. All of it was used and happily consumed!!!

John, Essex 
The Hamper was fantastic thank you and the Turkey was really tasty. A lot better than the normal ones that you can get.
I've got to say the Spicy Cranberry sauce was absolutely fantastic and so many people commented on it.
Keep that for next year as I can't remember the name of it as I would stock up with a cupboard full….
Everything in the hamper was fantastic so thanks very much and will definitely use this next year.

Matt, London 
The hamper was great, the first turkey I have ever cooked myself, I followed the instructions on the back of the turkey’s label which said to put the turkey upside down for the first 40 minutes, not cover it in foil, and cook for 2hr 45 or so
- and it was probably the best turkey I’ve ever tasted.
Everything in the package was brilliant - we still have some bacon and salmon left over which we’re looking forward to (the salmon was really good I thought).
So overwhelmingly impressed and would definitely buy the hamper again for the next time we host a Christmas.


Mike, London 
We were delighted with the hamper and its contents. The turkey was excellent and the stuffing you provided was much commented upon.
The size of the turkey was also just right; not too large so that we were eating it for a week but more than enough for Christmas and Boxing Days.
The other items were all consumed over the festive period and meant we had little to do by way of buying the extras which usually get forgotten in the rush up to Christmas!
I think it represented great value in terms of price, I'm not sure what else you might want to include - probably a case of varying one or two items just to keep customers guessing.
We will certainly expect to be on your mailing list for next year.

Lesley and Charlie, Croydon 
Happy New Year and thank you very much for a great christmas hamper.
Everything was lovely and the turkey was fab, great size big enough for turkey and bacon pie on Boxing Day and a turkey and potato curry the day after.
Hope we can do the same again next year thanks

Sue, Buckinghamshire
The hamper was fabulous! Even my turkey hating family (i cooked a goose as well!) remarked on the flavour and succulence of the bird!
All in all it was a great offer.
Everything of the highest quality and I much appreciated the excellent customer service I received from you! I am pretty well qualified in discussing the quality of your products
as I have been the chef in our pub restaurant and latterly owned and cooked in a Bistro in the Dordogne region of France!


Julia, London
Really impressed with the Hamper and the carrying case! Brilliant xx
I thought the hamper was incredible value and everything in it was of the highest quality and utterly delicious.
I will recommend your company to all my friends and will definitely re-order next year.

Leo, London 
The goose, and the whole package, was fantastic thank you - really delicious. I have to say, as a customer I was really satisfied on every level and anything else would be a bonus -
I thought the deal was great value in comparison to the quality and what else is on offer in supermarkets etc.

Jenna, London
The hamper was great, competitively priced, well presented, the turkey was a generous size and we’ll definitely be placing an order for next Christmas!