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  1. 8 medium sized Maris Piper or King Edward potatoes

    4 tbsp Thompsons of Smithfield Goose Fat

    4 sprigs of fresh rosmary

    4 cloves of garlic


    • Pre-heat your oven to 220°C (Gas Mark 6 / top right AGA door / fan assisted oven 200°C).

    • Peel your Maris Piper potatoes (1-2 per person) and cut them into quarters before plunging them into a pan of cold water.

    • Put the pan on a medium to high heat, cover and par boil the potatoes for 5-8 minutes. They should be soft on the outside and relatively firm in the middle (don't forget they have to cook again in the oven so this helps them keep their shape).

    • Whilst the potatoes are boiling, add some goose fat (roughly 1 tbsp. for every 2 whole potatoes used) into a baking tray & pop it in the preheated oven.

    • When the potatoes are par boiled, drain the water and return the potatoes to the pan. Put the lid back on, don some oven gloves, and whilst making sure the lid is secure, give the pan a good old shake.

    • Take the baking tray out of the oven and add the fluffy potatoes. Make sure that all of the potatoes are covered in the hot goose fat (garlic cloves & fresh rosemary are fab additions).Return the baking tray to the oven for 30-40 minutes turning the potatoes regularly so that they brown evenly. 

    • When the potatoes are golden brown, take them out of the oven, season with a little sea salt and then it is the trickiest bit of all… try not to eat them all before you sit down for lunch...


  2. 4 Harvest chicken breasts
    1 ball mozzarella , sliced
    8 cherry tomatoes, halved
    8 slices of Parma ham 
    1 handful of basil
    4 red peppers
    olive oil
    1 punnet cherry tomatoes (about 200g)
    1 vegetable stock cube
    2 tbsp light muscovado sugar
    • Heat the oven to 200°C/fan 180°C/gas 6.
    • To make the sauce, put the red peppers on a baking tray, drizzle with olive oil and cook for 20-25 minutes.
    • Cool slightly, peel, chop and put in a pan with the tomatoes and a splash of water.
    • Simmer for 20 minutes.
    • Add the stock cube and sugar and season well.
    • Blend to a smooth sauce in a food processor.
    • Make a slit down 1 side of each chicken breast to form a pocket. Season. Stuff each pocket with slices of mozzarella, 4 cherry tomato halves and a quarter of the basil.
    • Wrap each chicken breast with 2 pieces of ham and season. Put on a baking sheet and cook for 20-25 minutes or until cooked through.
    • Serve with the red pepper sauce and seasonal vegetables such as steamed carrots and broccoli or roasted courgette and red peppers

    1 pound dried penne

    2 Harvest chicken breasts, cut into fingers

    Salt and freshly ground black pepper

    3 cloves garlic, sliced

    1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes

    3 tablespoons olive oil

    3 tablespoons of roughly chopped parsley

    2 lemons, juiced

    1/2 cup grated Parmesan

    • Cook the pasta in a large pot of boiling salted water, until al dente. Draining well when ready.

    • Whilst the penne is cooking, season chicken with salt and pepper and place a large grill pan over a medium to high heat.
    • Add the chicken and grill until golden and completely cooked. Remove to a chopping board and slice.
    • Add the garlic and red pepper flakes to a frying pan with 3 tablespoons of olive oil. Saute until fragrant.
    • Remove from the heat and mix in the cooked pasta.
    • Remove pasta to a large bowl. Add chicken to the warm pasta and season with salt and pepper. Sprinkle in chopped parsley. Add the juice of 2 lemons and mix. Before serving top with Parmesan
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