Thompsons of Smithfield - Products


Fresh Chicken   Frozen Chicken & Poussin  
  Whole Corn Fed Chicken     Whole Chicken  
  Whole Smoked Chicken     Whole Poussin  
  Whole Free Range Chicken     Chicken Fillet  
  Chicken Crown     Chicken Legs  
  Chicken Fillet     Chicken Wings  
  Chicken Legs     Chicken Drumsticks  
  Chicken Wings     Chicken Thighs  
  Chicken Drumsticks     Chicken Thigh Meat  
  Chicken Thighs & Thigh Meat        -----  
  Chicken Livers     Chicken Livers  
        Chicken Gizzards  
Fresh Game (When in Season)     Chicken Necks  
  Venison Steaks     Chicken Hearts  
  Pheasant     Chicken Carcasses  
  Pigeon Breasts     Chicken Feet  
Fresh Duck & Goose   Frozen Duck  & Goose  
  Whole Duck     Whole Duck  
  Duck Breast     Duck Breast  
  Duck Legs     Goose  
Fresh Turkey   Frozen Turkey  
  Turkey Stag     Turkey Thighmeat  
  Turkey Hen     Turkey Gizzards  
  Free Range Whole Turkey     Turkey Wings  
  Turkey Butterfly     Turkey Breast   
  Turkey Crown     Turkey Drumsticks  
  Turkey Breast     Turkey Tails  
Pork & Bacon   Cooked Deli Meats & Misc.  
  Rindless Back Bacon     Milano Salami  
  Rindless Super Trim Back Bacon     Napoli Salami  
  Rindless Smoked Super Trim Back Bacon     Prosciutto Crudo (Parma Ham)  
  Streaky Bacon        -----  
     -----     Krakowska - Out of Stock  
  Sausages     Kabanosy Extra - Out of Stock  
     -----     Kabanosy Pepperoni - Out of Stock  
  Pork Knuckles        -----  
  Pork Loin     Roasted Turkey Butterfly - Out of Stock  
  Pork Neck Ends     Scalded Turkey Butterfly - Out of Stock  
     -----        -----  
  Gammon Prime Joint      English Ham - Sliced  
  Gammon Slipper Joint     Honey Roast Ham - Rindless  
  Gammon Steaks     Traditional Ham - Rindless  
     -----         -----  
  Cooked Streaky Bacon - Out of Stock     Extra Virgin Olive Oil  
Fresh Beef   Frozen Meat  
  Striploin & Topside     Beef  
  Ribeye     Leg of Mutton  
  Tenderloin     Spare Ribs  
  100% Aberdeen Angus Beef Burgers         
  Halal Beef Bacon        
Cheese   Seafood  
  Cheddar Mild (British)     King Prawns - Frozen  
  Cheddar Mature (British)     Prawns - Frozen  
  Stilton (British)     Tuna Chunks in Brine - Ambient   
  Brie (French)     Smoked Salmon (Scottish - Long Cut)  

Grana Padano (Italian)

  Grated Gran Primo (Italian)        
  Goats Cheese - Log        

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